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Playing the Ball Out From the Back Session Thumbnail
Playing the Ball Out From the Back

The ?modern way? is to play out from the back. To be able to do it successfully though, you need your defenders to be comfortable on the ball when looking to pass, dribble and scan the pitch.

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Triangle Passing - Improving Possession and Build up Session Thumbnail
Triangle Passing - Improving Possession and Build up

Your players should always have two passing outlets! Work on your players' triangle passing to help them attack and go forward

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Split your players into three equal sized teams, with two teams starting inside the area and the third spread around the outside of the grid.

The team on the outside of the grid are neutral players. When they receive the ball they must pass back to a player on the same team that originally passed to them.

The two teams inside the area play a possession game. The challenge for each team is to score 10 (or more) consecutive passes to score a goal.

Coaching points

Once a team has scored 2 goals rotate the losing team with the outside team. Focus on passing accuracy and speed.


Outside players can only take one touch.

Field players can only have 1, 2 or 3 touches.

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