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Goalkeeping Shot Stopping From the Angle Session Thumbnail
Goalkeeping Shot Stopping From the Angle

To improve the goalkeeper making saves from shots from the angle.

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  • Goalkeeper receives a back-pass from Server 1 in the middle of the goal. GK then takes a touch into opposite half of field and returns the ball 
  • Then moves into line to receive a shot from Server 2 from the angle.

Coaching points

  • To speed the drill up, if you have a lot of goalkeepers, Server 2 goes to Server 1 position and Server 1 becomes the goalkeeper.
  • If the goalkeepers are not getting quality shots bring the servers nearer or vary the type of service.
  • For more of a workout get the goalkeeper to face a full set of serves from the Server 2 point.


  • Start into hands from Server 2 or so goalkeeper does not have to dive.
  • Make shots progressively harder by starting with stationary ball off the floor to volleys.
  • Introduce an extra Service point on the opposite side to finish.

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