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Blocking with Feet Session Thumbnail
Blocking with Feet

Goalkeepers must be just as good with saving balls with their feet than their hands. Develop modern goalkeepers who are agile enough to use all parts of their body to keep it out.

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  • All the balls are placed in central service point
  • Two servers either side on the angle
  • Ball is played into one of the server on the outside


  • The servers on the outside need to be fairly close to the goal to give the goalkeeper the opportunity to get into a blocking position
  • Servers on the outside should ideally hit the ball first time
  • Don't make the angle to wide or the servers will miss the goal near post more often

Coaching points

  • It is now time to start analysing the goalkeepers movement
  • Do they take the most direct route?


  • At first the coach tells the goalkeeper which server will be played in first
  • Start by alternating sides then look to make the service more random
  • Increase the number of repetitions the goalkeeper is working at
  • Server can take one touch to set and then shoot to generate more power or run in on the ball

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