Throwing - Fielding Accuracy

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This Sportplan session focuses on your players' accuracy when throwing - making sure their throws get to where they're supposed to, quickly and assuredly.

You've gathered the ball and now need to send it safely on its way to your wicket-keeper to get the opposition out. However a lack of accuracy can not only mean you fail to get the batter out but that you gift them a further few runs by missing your target altogether and need to start fielding all over again to gather the mis-thrown ball.

To stop this happening to your team we've created this accurate fielding/ throwing session that works on making sure the ball gets to where it's supposed to and quickly! Ideal for large groups of players of varying ability, this session focuses on bullseye throwing as well as teaching other players to back up their fellow fielders in case of slip ups.

Throughout this session we use competition between the pairs and teams of players to keep the intensity and effort levels high - making sure all your players are working hard whilst working on their sharp throwing and team fielding techniques.

After using this further fielding session you would hope to see fewer balls going astray, helping to keep the opposition's batters at bay.

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