The Back Foot Defence

In this Session we look at a key defensive skill; the Back Foot Defence. Although the back foot defence might not be the most crowd pleasing of shots it is nonetheless an invaluable shot which should help your players to avoid hearing the dreaded ?Howzat?.

To help you to coach this important skill Sportplan has designed the back foot defence session, ideal for when you are training in large groups or with groups of young players. This session focuses on footwork, soft hands and the active reinforcement of all the skills learnt in this session through conditioned games. Your players will work on their defensive shots as they learn and reinforce this safety first stroke.

Where this session truly comes into its own though is with its involvement of the non-batting players, whether bowling or fielding, everyone is involved and playing an active role in this training session. In addition everyone will get a chance to work on their batting thanks to the fast rotation of the drills. Another positive aspect to this sessions is that players will have the opportunity to take the initiative, because they are working in small groups, and provide technical feedback to one another.

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Batting and Bowling Sessions

If you're looking to work on the two Bs of cricket - Batting and Bowling - then this Coaching Pack is for you! With 7 great sessions (plus a free bonus Fitness session) packed with drills and coaching tips to get your players driving for the boundaries and working on their rip-roaring bowling!

Once players have understood and practised the basic technique it's time to put them under pressure and that's precisely what we do in these sessions - testing their ability to bat and bowl under pressure to see how they rise to the occasion!

Topics include: Bowling under Pressure, Scoring more Singles, Spin Bowling, the Back Foot Defence, Bowling Under Pressure and Drive Hitting

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Fielding Sessions - in this pack:

Backing up in the field

Don't leave it to chance - cover your team-mate's back and avoid fielding fumbles!

Bonus - Fielding Fitness Session

Fitter is better! Get your players to perform at a higher intensity for longer in this cricket related fitness session!

Bullseye Throwing - Fielding Accuracy

Bullseye fielding, accurate throwing! Make sure that when your fielders throw the ball it reaches its intended recipient!

Decision making in the field

Put a stop to dithering fielding! React quickly to other players and get all your players making the right decisions faster!

Ground Fielding Principles

Help your players avoid fielding follies with this positive fielding session, getting players to meet the ball even on the bumpiest of pitches!

Improving players' stump throwing accuracy

How accurate are your fielders? Find out with this throwing technique and accuracy session!

Saving Runs in the field

The more runs you save, the fewer you have to score! Improve your side's fielding technique and confidence!

Working your Wicket Keeper - The Wicket keeping basics

The wicket keeper is the busiest player on your fielding team - make sure they're up to the test with this keeping skills session!

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