20/20 practice session - Batting, Bowling & Fielding

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This Sportplan session looks at improving your team's Twenty20 approach to a game in both skills and tactics.

The simple fact of the matter is that the team who perform the basics the best will win the game. It's for that reason that this high-intensity T20 skills sessions focuses on all the core game skills: Batting, Bowling and Fielding.

In order to help your players develop their T20 core skills (building a solid base when batting, improving their line and length when bowling or simply saving runs in the field) this session gets them practising under the pressure of this lively version of the game.

The key to making this session work is to make T20 cricket as enjoyable for your players as possible. A good ball, good shot or good piece of fielding remains the same in any format of the game.

As a coach, whatever your opinions, aim to put your own views aside and embrace the format for the benefit of the players, as the long term gains for cricket participation could be great!

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