Back Supports.

category: Key-3-Body-conditioning

Move from Long Sit to Back Support to Back Straddle Support to Table Support.


category: Teaching-Styles

Coach says observe your partners knees, position of hands and follow through. Players observe each other and give feedback.Coach gives out clear crite...

Guided Discovery

category: Teaching-Styles

Coach sets challenge but must ask the RIGHT questions in order to redirect players away from previous mistakes. Can work in small groups to work out a...

Self Teaching

category: Teaching-Styles

Players choose the session themselves, plan it and evaluate it, Coach uses this session to discover hidden qualities of his/her players.

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Public Drills

Athletics diagram 2

Ask the children to stop and stand still.Explain to the children that you would like them to jog in any direction inside the coned area, being careful...

Athletics running drill L1

Organise children into pairs and ask them to stand in a line between two cones set out at one end of he area you are working in.Explain to the childre...