Off Spin - Generate Turn

category: Fast-and-spin-bowling

Cricket Off Spin - Generate turn Fast and spin bowling For this drill you need a wicket-keeper and a queue of bowlers at both ends of the wicket. The...

Off Spin - Grip

category: Techniques

Cricket Off Spin - Grip Techniques The off spin moves the ball from a right handed batsmans off stump towards their leg stump. The spin is generated ...

Cut Shot

category: Extras

Cricket Cut shot Extras Played to a ball short of a length and wide of off stump. Ball is aimed square of the wicket. Relaxed, balanced stance, head ...

Away Swing Bowlers - Grip (Right Arm)

category: Techniques

Cricket Away Swing Bowlers - Grip (Right arm) Techniques A Right-armed bowler bowling outswing will move the ball away from a right-handed batsman.

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