Cover Drive

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This is an attacking stroke, played to a full, wide of off stump delivery.

Keep a relaxed, balanced stance, with your head and eyes level.

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Cover drive drills

Want to start blazing those cover drives? Try these cricket batting drills next time you're in the nets to improve your cover drive! ▻ How to Play the...

How to play a cover drive | cricket

This video covers the basic technique required to play a successful Cover Drive. This video is designed for beginners who wish to get acquainted with ...


Community Drills

Front foot driving

Set out feild as show. position fielders between red and green cones.Feeder holds ball with arm outstratched and drops the ball for batsman to strike....

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Front foot/Cover drive- Players pair up. One will be batting one will be fielding, the ball is placed on the batting cone with the batsman standing ov...