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Goalkeeper Fast Hands and reflexes Session Thumbnail
Goalkeeper Fast Hands and reflexes

Goalkeepers reactions need to be sharp when shots are coming from in close. Work on your keepers ability to get something behind the ball even when they might not know much about it

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  • 4 Goalkeepers working
  • Server 1 opposite the goalkeeper and server 2 and server 3 to either side of the goalkeeper that is working.
  • Server 1 volleys into the goalkeeper then server 2 gently throws the ball at head height to the goalkeeper. The goalkeeper  then uses one hand to push the ball back to server 2.
  • Server 1 volleys then goalkeeper gets a serve from the opposite side from server 3.


Start slowly and then increase the pace so the goalkeeper is working as fast as they can whilst still making sure of the catch from server 1.

Coaching points

  • Goalkeeper to let the serves from the side to come in towards the body. Try and stop the goalkeeper from just beating the serves from the side away but control the ball even though they are not catching it
  • Goalkeeper to get into set position after the service from the side.
  • Check the goalkeeper is making the correct hand shape eg W grip for higher shots and outside the line of their body. M grip for low shots.


  • Increase the intensity/ speed and number of repetitions before rotating the goalkeeper.
  • Introduce a server from behind the goal that is marked out with cones who plays a shot after every full set.

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