Handball: coordination + goalkeeper 6

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Move forward, sideward/backwards - forward, sidewards left and throw at the goal.


Players first go through the speedladder and then sprint around their group and then throw at the goal to warm up the goalkeeper.

Players: give a good stoppable shot for the goalkeeper.

Series of shots
- on the hands

- high

- half high

- knee height

- low

- bounce balls


  • Fast feet.
  • Change groups after the shot and collecting the ball again.




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MORE 615 goal keeper : exercises DRILLS

Keeper Circuit Training

1. 10 meter running: Between 2 lines spaced 10 metres apart get your keepers to run 2 sets of 6 runs. You can mix this up by getting players to run a mixture of - Forward runs, Backward runs, Sprints, Side-steps and Crossovers 2. Flexibility - Straddle stretch: Stand upright with arms out to the side and touch your left foot with your right hand and your right foot with your left arm. Players should keep their arms and legs straight and bend and rotate their torso to touch their feet. Repeat 10 times on both sides. Stand upright with arms slightly in front and out to the side. Keepers must raise their feet to try and touch their hands. Left foot to left hand and right foot to right hand. Repeat 10 times on both sides. 3. Improving Reactions Player A stands behind player B who sits on the floor. Player B puts their arms out wide at shoulder height. Player A drops the ball in front of B, who must catch the ball with their legs. Repeat 10 times and then swap roles. Place two benches on their sides, with the top side in-court on a small playing area (approx 3-5 meters). A tries to score with a tennis ball by getting their balls to hit the flat side of the bench. B must try to block as many balls as possible. A throws 30 balls and then players swap roles. Which keeper has the better record? 4. Power Get players to lie on the floor on their back. In this position players must sit up and touch their left foot with their right hand and then touch their right foot with their left hand. Repeat 15 times on each side. Squat down low and walk like a frog for 15 meters. Repeat 3 times. Hampelmann (jumping jacks - raise arms and legs). Try to raise the leg you jump off as high as possible. Repeat 5 times for - Hampelmann left, squat jump, Hampelmann right.

615 goal keeper : exercises


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