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Three groups of players - a group on each wing and a line of three players a couple of meters behind the free-throw line.

The play starts from the right wing with player 1 passing the first of the outfield players (player 2).

Player 2 moves forward to meet the pass and then plays the ball to their left for player 3 to meet and then across to player 4.

During this passing process player 1 must chase the passes across the court - screening to protect the pass and prevent the imaginary defender from receivnig the ball.

When player 4 receives the ball they should shoot on goal.

The drill then starts from the other side - going from left to right.

Coaching points

Look for fast and controlled passing with players accurately passing the ball into the path of their team-mates.


Add a defender / or incoming wing player becomes defender.

  1. Defender acts as if to block the shot by holding his arms high to give space for the shot next to the defender's arms..
  2. Defender jumps up to block the shot.
  3. Defender is really active to prevent a goal shot.

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Drill tags: fast, opportunities, opportunity, passing, screen, screening, shoot, shooting, shot, space, switch, wings

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