Cricket Drill Demonstration


Players work in groups of 5, in a grid with 5 cones set up in a zig-zag formation, roughly 7 metres apart.

Each player stands on a cone. All players, except for those queueing behind the first cone require balls.

On the coach's call player 1, on the first cone, aims to get to collect the ball that has been dropped from shoulder height by the player on the cone in front of them, before the ball bounces twice.

This is one pick-up.

Player 1 then gives the ball back to the player on the cone, and sets themself before the coach gives the next call.

Again the working player aims to get to the next ball before second bounce.

This process is repeated until all players have performed 4 pick-ups.

Coaching points

This drill should be used to help players get into a low position and attack the ball at pace.

Once every player behind the first cone has completed 4 pick ups rotate the players around, with the ball dropping players and the worker players swapping round.

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