category: Endurance

Swimming Endurance Endurance Swim 2 x 150mts on the stroke that you dropped after the warm up using at least one drill during each distance.

Defence - Swimming In Twos

category: Defensive-Patterns

Rugby Defence - Swimming in Twos Defensive Patterns 2 defenders work together to ... defenders inside, and that they do not rush up to commit to the ...


category: Strength

Swimming Frontcrawl Strength Swim 6 X 25m (6 X 1 length) Frontcrawl with 20 sec ... Catch-Up Drill Thumbnail View this drill. Catch-Up. Speed Drill T...


category: Strength

Swimming Strength Strength Swim 300mts alternating each 50mts Swim, Kick, Pull (SKP) with 10sec rest after each two length swim if needed and 2min re...

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Community Drills

Pulse Raiser

Organisation: All at once 5 in each lane. All must complete the 100m (4 lengths) without stopping or more distance will be added on.Coaching points: l...

Warm Up

Students grab the kickboardKicking with two hand on top of the boardStudents swim to the end and then do same thing on way backAfter swimming students...