category: Backstroke-Drills

Swim with one arm by your side or stretched out above your head. The drill will slow the stroke rate down in order to concentrate on the pull. A stro...

Butterfly - Drills

category: Butterfly-Drills

Swimming Butterfly - Drills Butterfly - Drills Kick Dolphin Legs whilst on your side. Stretch one arm down the pool above the head holding the top of...

No.7 Touch Turn

category: Breaststroke-Technique

Push one hand forwards cutting underwater and point this arm in the direction you wish to swim as soon as the. ... No.1 Full Stroke Swimming Drill Th...

Push And Glide - 2 Floats

category: Push-and-Glides-Back

Swimming Push and Glide - 2 floats Push and Glides - Back With 2 floats, face wall and pushoff with one footto glide on back 2 floats, one under each...

Touch Turn.

category: Butterfly-Technique

One arm then moves forward cutting underwater, the trailing arm is taken over the water surface and the hand cuts into the water to meet up with the ...

Stroke Development Butterfly

category: Stroke-Development-Butterfly

Swimming Stroke Development Butterfly Stroke Development Butterfly Timing ... Develop two kicks to every one arm stroke. ... Swimming Drill Demonstra...

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