category: Technique

Swimming Backstroke Technique Swim 5 x 25m (5 x 1 length) Backstroke with 25 sec rest after each length. Count your strokes for each length taking le...


category: Strength

Swimming Frontcrawl Strength Pull 5 x 25m (5 x 1 length) Frontcrawl with a pull buoy float between your legs with 30 sec rest after ... Swim with the...


category: Recovery

Swimming Recovery Recovery Swim 250mts Choice Stroke with 25sec rest after every single length. Easy / Recovery Effort.


category: Strength

Swimming Strength Strength Swim for 2 x 5min on your choice of strokes swimming at least three of your favourite drills with 60sec rest after the fir...

Web Videos

Ep 6 swimming with a netball chick

Singapore Sports Presenter Elliott Danker speaks to Singapore Netball Vice Captain Charmaine Soh about the team's preparation for the 2017 SEA Games.