Push And Glide - Unaided

category: Push-and-Glides-Front

Face in water, arms drop down and extend in front. Strong push into legs extended. Glide. If able to demonstrate a good Push and Glide without floats,...

Kicking On Noodle

category: Frontcrawl-Drills

Looking at noodle position and body position with kicking. Hold the noodle under the arms, with the curve and a'window' at the front. Kick frontcrawl ...

Swivel Entry

category: Pool-Entry

Sit on pool side, place hands together on one side of body. Turn onto tummy and slide into the water.

Kicking 1 Float Hugging

category: Backstroke-Drills

Ears in the water, eyes looking at the ceiling Tummy up at surface Leg kick comes from the hip Legs straight with slight bend at the knee Relaxed, fl...

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