Stroke Development Frontcrawl

category: Stroke-Development-Frontcrawl

Swimming Stroke Development Frontcrawl Stroke Development Frontcrawl Turns Tumble Turn. Focus onto the wall five ... Join now for free. search our li...

Push And Glide - Unaided

category: Push-and-Glides-Front

Swimming Push and Glide - unaided Push and Glides - Front Face in water, arms drop down and extend in front. Strong push into ... Join now for free. ...

Kicking On 2 Floats

category: Frontcrawl-Drills

Swimming Kicking on 2 floats Frontcrawl - Drills Arms to sides and both held out in front Kick 1 x width, chin on the water/face in water ... Join no...

Mushroom Float

category: Floating

Swimming Mushroom float Floating Chin on chest, eyes looking down Hug both knees to chest Curl into a little ball Back should break the ... Join now ...

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Freestyle swimming technique | stroke

Get faster, fitter, stronger at the pool by improving your swim technique with our series of Speedo Fit videos. Produced with an elite swim coach and ...