Bring your drills, plays and tactics to life using the Sportplan Animator and share them with your coaches and players Bring your Lacrosse drills, pl...

Traffic Light Game

category: Video-Techniques

Lacrosse Traffic Light Game Video Techniques Good game to help learn the cradle technique. When the coach shouts red, players will walk with their st...

Pick Up

category: Video-Techniques

Lacrosse Pick Up Video Techniques For the pick up, put the same foot next to the ball than the arm that's holding the top of the stick. So if your le...

Catching Practice

category: Video-Techniques

Lacrosse Catching Practice Video Techniques A good practice that you can do is to throw the ball up in the air, bring it back with the stick and into...

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Starting Out - Part 1

Take a look at the first of a three-part introduction to Lacrosse - teach beginners the basics of the sport, and get them coming back for more!


Starting Out - Part 3

Continue to develop your new players, with the final part of our introduction sessions. Improve on the skills your players have already learnt, whilst...


Starting Out - Part 2

Continue your beginner's start to Lacrosse with the second part of three induction sessions. Put into practice what your players have learnt, as well ...



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