Beginners Lesson 5: Positions on the Lacrosse Pitch

Positions on a pitch is a good wet weather lesson as it can be done indoors but it also works well as the fifth lesson after learning the basic stick work skills.

It is important that pupils understand the positions on a lacrosse pitch as well as the role of the different positions.

In lacrosse you are allowed to go anywhere (within the boundaries) and more often than not you have players all going towards the ball leaving no space. This lesson allows players to understand their specific role and if they keep to this there should be more space to create attacking opportunities.

At this level ensure that pupils are strict to sticking to their position. As they get more advanced they can then start moving around and going everywhere but at this stage it helps with spacing.

It is expected for pupils to be more spaced out as they understand their specific position and role.

Pupils will be expected to understand the roles of the different positions and also the different names for the positions.

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