Key 0 Cooldown

category: key-0-Cooldown

  • Put the apparatus away.
  • Ask the children to tip toe along with tiny steps from one side of the hall to the other - slowly !.

    Choose c...

    Key 0 Warm-Up

    category: key-0-warm-up

  • Get the children to stand in a circle around the teacher.
  • The teacher stands in the middle of the circle and the children copy their action...

    Key 0 Warm-Up

    category: key-0-warm-up

  • Discuss reasons for a warm up.
  • Ask the children to run in and out of each other and run into a space before stopping. Encourage children t...

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    Community Drills

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    warm up - the gymnasts will do 5 running laps of the hall, 2 side skipping, and one walking on toes.

    Warm up (10 mins)

    Starting with activity to increase HR and Stretches to be conpatible with skill.Push me- Pull me. (Pepsi Max)Forward rolls. (Sausage roll)Backwar...

    Zombie TigZombie Tig

    As this game proved to be very popular with the (P) I will try to implement into every session as either a warm up or an end of session treat for good...