Two Point Balance

category: Key-3-Balance

Gymnastics Two Point Balance Key 3 Balance From Front Support move legs apart to Straddle Suport. Roll to the side taking weight on left arm and leg.

Jumping (One Foot To Two Foot)

category: Key-1-content-jump-twist

Description. Jump from one foot to land on two feet. Coaching points. High knee lift on take off. Arms swing up for height and out for balance. Knees...


category: Key-4-Body-Temperature-Raising-2

Description. Side stepping to two point balance. Repeat in both direections. Coaching points. Maintain good posture and rhythm. read more. Descriptio...

Hurdle Step

category: Key-2-Content-Hurdle-Step

Description. Off a short three step run hop from one foot to land on two. Coaching points. Ensure high knee lift,; Use arms to gain height; Flex knee...

Side Stepping

category: Key-2-content-Walking-Stepping-Leaping

Gymnastics Side Stepping Key 2 content Walking-Stepping-Leaping Keeping ... Linking three point balance and two point balances Tummy Up Drill Thumbna...

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