Side Stretch

category: Key-4-Warmup

Sit in a wide straddle.Reach to the right foot with the right arm.Bring the left arm over the head keeping the shoulder high.

Flexibility Exercise

category: Key-3-Body-conditioning

Stand with feet at shoulder widthStretch arms up and slowly push hands to the floor keeping arms and legs straight.Hold the position and gently roll s...

Flexibility Exercise

category: Key-4-Warmup

Feet at shoulder width and reach for the mat keeping legs extended.Alternate front and back of hands on the mat.

Calm Down Sequence

category: Key-2-Calm-Down

Upright body posture. Shoulders down, arms straight. Stretch into all circles. Slow, controlled breathing. Slow, controlled arm movement. Hold each ba...

Dish Shape & Dish Rock

category: Key-1-Body-Conditioning

To make a Dish Shape from long sit stretch arms above head elbows to ears stretch & tension in body - take weight on lower back, lift legs a...

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Shoulder stretch complex

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