Arabesque Balance

category: Key-2-Calm-Down

Gymnastics Arabesque balance Key 2 Calm Down Start from upright standing. Arms stretched wide through to fingertips. Standing on the left leg lift fr...

One Point Balances

category: Key-3-Balance

Gymnastics One Point Balances Key 3 Balance From 'Y' stand bring leg up and behind the body. Hold. (Simple Arabesque) Bring leg to mats. Raise leg fu...

Wrist To Wrist Grip - Counter Balance

category: Key-5-3-Grips-and-Interlocks

Gymnastics Wrist to Wrist grip - Counter balance Key 5 3 Grips and Interlocks Counter Balances.(static) The pair lean ... The gymnasts body weights b...

V Sit.

category: Key-3-Body-conditioning

Gymnastics V sit. Key 3 Body conditioning From a long sit position, lean backwards to put weight on hands (hands behind hips turning fingers to point...

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