Drill Categories


10 Pass Game And Shoot

category: Samples

Aussie Rules, AFL 10 Pass game and shoot Samples Players must complete a set number of passes inside the grid before shooting. If the ball is interce...

The Fat Side Run

category: Samples

Aussie Rules, AFL The fat side run Samples The fat side run is a tactic used to get the ball to a leading tall forward, who is able to lead into spac...

Low Handball Drill

category: Samples

Aussie Rules, AFL Low handball drill Samples Player runs towards first ball ,picks it up and handpasses to red player 2. who replaces the ball and ta...

Figure Of 8 - Passing And Kicking

category: Samples

Description. Players handball the ball along the short sides and kick pass along the diagonals. Coaching points. Players should focus on their passin...


Community Drills

evasion drill

players pass to eachother moving forward as they attempt to get the ball to the opposite end where the other players are. Can only pass between t...