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Blocking with Feet Session Thumbnail
Blocking with Feet

Goalkeepers must be just as good with saving balls with their feet than their hands. Develop modern goalkeepers who are agile enough to use all parts of their body to keep it out.

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  • Four Mini Goals
  • Area 30x20yds
  • Wide zones marked out with cones
  • Servers from outside can score against any goalkeeper
  • Goalkeepers can score against each other


  • Goalkeepers must be aware of shots from all sides
  • Get the goalkeepers to be adventurous in trying to score to get them out of position
  • Awareness and concentration is key in this drill
  • Goalkeepers must get up quick as there may be another shot coming
  • Use any part of the body to block just try and get something behind it

Coaching points

  • Introduce the concept of the importance of peripheral vision and concentration for a goalkeeper
  • How fast does the goalkeeper recover after the shot
  • Is there enough time to get to feet or is it better just to get into line to block the ball.


  • Servers from outside can come into playing area to score
  • If goalkeeper has not been scored on for a while they must do a movement round their goal and get back in after they have had a shot

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