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Goalkeeping Basic Handling Session Thumbnail
Goalkeeping Basic Handling

Goalkeeping is a technical position. Having the correct technique will help with the simple saves as well as the trickier ones - work on their basic from hand positioning and leg movements to create a foundation for a top keeper to grow on.

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  • 2 Goalkeepers working and 2 servers
  • Cones set out in triangle
  • Servers serve ball at same time then goalkeepers swap places on the side of the triangle

Coaching points

  • Check the goalkeeper is stepping in to the set position
  • Hand position above waist height away elbows away from the body
  • The goalkeeper needs to take the most efficient route to get into position
  • If outside of the body does the goalkeeper use the correct technique W grip or are they using the M grip?
  • Is the goalkeeper leaning back when receiving the shot


  • Work the goalkeeper- high to low shots
  • Throw ball 
  • Off the ground then volley and half volley

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