Handball Drill Demonstration


The players will be put into two teams and spread out into two lines parallel to each other. A row of 5 cones will be in front of them, and the aim of this is to knock down the all 5 cones faster than the person on the opposite team. There will be someone behind the cones catching the ball and throwing it back to the thrower. after the thrower is finished, they switch will the collector and the collector goes to the back of the line.  The first part would have to centre shots, and the other part will be jump shots, and after that it will be a mixture of shots. At the end the scores will be added up and a winner will be chosen.

Coaching points

check for correct form when throwing.

centre shots-

  1. When the back foot comes off the floor as you shoot the throwing arm should pass the head at ear height.
  2. Stretch out the throwing arm after the shot as you follow through - pointing towards where you want your shot to go.
  3. Player's upper body should lightly follow the throwing arm in a downward motion.

jump shots-

  1. Your arm should follow through and point where you were aiming at.
  2. Land on the same leg as you jumped off.

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