Handball Drill Demonstration


MB - Middle back; LB - Left back;  LW - Left wing

1. MB pass to LB

2. LB pass to LW                           

3. MB takes position of LB (behind LB)                                              

4. LB takes position of MB (in front of MB)                                             

5. LW pass to MB (MB attacks between Deffence Player 2 and 3)                                         

6. MB pass to LB                           

7. Shoot/Pass line player



Coaching points

Very important !

- LW needs to attack exterior his Guardian

- MB has to take LONG U-Turn behind LB so he can attack hard between 2 and 3

- LB takes place of MB "sideways"

- Line player needs to BLOCK HARD deffence player 3

- LB gets the ball and has open shoot if deffence player 4 is guarding line player


If deffence player 4 goes out to make a foul, there is open possibility to pass a line player

1 - Left (Attack on 6:0 defence)548 6:0 defenceHandball Drills Coaching