Handball Drill Demonstration


Player will run through out this practice to each line of cones. This allows player to warm up the spesific muscles used while playing handball. 

Firstly split the group up into two lines, one behind the other. 

  • at the green cones do 3 jumping jacks
  • centre line perform 4 burpees
  • at the red cones do a 3 stage jump as if going up to do a jump shot
  • then run to the end line

repeat this practice 2/3 times.

Coaching points

players have to run at about 60% effort. 

Jumping jacks should be explosive and should excert force upwards as they jump.

make sure when they are performing burpees that they start of the ground to jump up first. straigh legs out the back of the body with arms locked. 


step from thier leeding foot, ,land on  second leg and then using arm force themselfs upwards with arm in air.


2nd line goes when the first is finished. 

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