Drill Categories


2 Footed Standing Jump

category: Long-Jump

Athletics 2 Footed Standing Jump Long Jump Two footed standing long jump stresses vigorous take off from legs, strong swing of the arms, followed by ...

Standing Triple Jump

category: Triple-Jump

Athletics Standing Triple Jump Triple Jump The standing triple jump drill requires vigorous flat take offs from legs, strong swing of arms followed b...

Penultimate Stride

category: Long-Jump

This action lowers the centre of gravity and tilts the body backwards in preparation for take off. Coaching points. 3-5 approach strides. Average rat...

2 Stride Run Up

category: High-Jump

Coaching points. Note that the take off point should be an armÂ's length from the bar. The one stride run up and jump. read more ...

Web Videos

Pe athletics standing long jump

In this video you will learn about the technique required to perform the standing long jump, how it links to a long jump lesson that you will take par...