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The player serves wide from the deuce side and the coach throws the ball close to the deuce sideline. The player runs and hits forehand down the line on the run.

Coaching points

Modern game is getting quicker and quicker so players have much less time to execute the shots than players 10 years ago. Adding the fact that many tournaments are played on fast hard-courts players don't have enough time to run, stop and hit. That's why working on strokes in dynamic balance is important to meet today's game demands.

In this drill the player works on a tactical pattern that incorporates running forehand down the line. Many players hit great cross-court returns from wide serves so we have to be able to respond effectively under the time pressure. Hitting on the run requires good positioning to the ball as also precise point of contact so many attempts are needed to develop this skill. The coach can adjust the speed and placement of the toss to the player's ability to bring faster improvements.

Drill tags: down the line, forehand, movement, running forehand, serve

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