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Blocking with Feet Session Thumbnail
Blocking with Feet

Goalkeepers must be just as good with saving balls with their feet than their hands. Develop modern goalkeepers who are agile enough to use all parts of their body to keep it out.

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  • Use mini goals. Goalkeeeper starts on a cone behind the mini goal.
  • Server plays a ball for the mini goal and GK blocks with legs


  • Do not go down to early but get leg out fast when need arises
  • GK to make themselves as wide as possible
  • Arms spread but slightly in front of the body

Coaching points

  • Goalkeeper do not get to close
  • GK needs to have a little bit of space to react
  • Turn blocking ankle out to make a larger blocking area
  • When working with younger players serves from standing position as young goalkeepers may have fear of getting hit
  • It is important to make clear that if a goalkeeper turns away they will lose the ability to use the hands to protect them.


  • Introduce another goal and a second server
  • Servers both go same way
  • GK starts between the two goals now and first server in line can try and score in either goal

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