Rounders Drill Demonstration


Batter hits 3 balls of the 3 T Ball stands and then runs with the bat, touching each base pole as they run past. If they make it home it counts as 1 Rounder, if they only make it to 2nd base it counts as a 1/2 Rounder.

Fielding team can't move until the third ball has been hit. They then field it and place each ball back onto T Ball stand before yelling STOP!

Coaching points

Encourage the batter to run with the bat and touch each base pole

Have batter look at the field placement before they hit the ball and try to hit to the gap.

Fielders work on tactics to improve returning the ball the the T's.

Encourage fielders to throw accurately and to call to the person they are throwing to.

You can have more than one fielder placing the balls on the T's.

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