Rounders Drill Demonstration


Introductory activity: Pupils in 4's, 1 ball between them. Pupils throw the ball to each other. Do this for underarm throw and underarm catching ( 2 minutes) and overarm throw and overarm catching (2 minutes).

Varying distance activity:

Students in pairs 1 ball between them. Set out the varying distances with lines of cones. Students will need to throw a different way depending on the distance the ball has to cover.

Beat the ball competition

Split the group into teams of 6. One team throwing the ball around posts.

One team running around the posts.

The ball starts by the batting square and has to be thrown to post one then 2 then 3 then 4 then back to the batting square.

The running team have to run and tag.

The first player in the batting square has to run to tag 1st post player this player has to run to release the player at 2nd post etc until the player on the forth post is tagged and runs back to the batting square.

Start again when ball and players are back in position again.

Best of 3 runs.

Under- arm throw: Opposite foot to throwing hand steps forward. Dominant hand starts behind body and swings below waist. Release as hand points towards target.

What is a technique for underarm throw?

Over arm throw: Stand side on to target.Opposite foot to throwing arm forward. Throwing arm starts behind head, with elbow bent at 45 degree angle- ball held high.As ball is began to be moved forward, hips and shoulders rotate forward too for power.Throwing arm follows through, down and across body.

What is a technique for overarm throw?

Differentiated learning objectives. Less able: reduce distance or use a softer ball.

More able: get pupils to throw to different heights so pupilspractice catching at different heights/ one handed.

Catching below waist- Little fingers together.Cupping shape made with hands. Absorb impact of the ball.

Catching above waist- Thumbs together.Cupping shape made with hands. Absorb impact of the ball.

Less able: decreased distance.

More able- increased distance.

Beat the ball competition

  • You could give the runners a bat which they have to hand to the next runner.
  • Also you could make the fielders touch the post before the ball can be thrown to the next post player

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