Rounders Drill Demonstration


  1. Children are shown the basic technique of an overarm and underarm throw and techniques of throwing and catching. Children are put into pairs with 1 ball between them. To complete 20 throws. 10 throws must be overarm. 10 throws must be underarm
  2. In pairs 1 bal between them. Set out the varying distances with lines of cones. Students will need to throw a different way depending on the distance the ball has to cover.
  3. Throwing and catching conditioned game: Students will divide into two equal teams. I am the bowler and do a underarm throw to the batter. The batter must catch the ball, and then do a overarm throw into the field instead of hitting the ball. The fielder has to throw the ball from 1st base to 2nd base to 3rd base then to 4th base. For players to get out fielders must get the ball all away round the rounders pitch before the batter.

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