Handball Drill Demonstration


Set up

Area split into two halves. each half has;

  • One handball goal
  • 4 hoops
  • one cone with a tennis ball balanced on top.

Across the halfway line are 4 dodgeballs.


  1. Two halves of 5 minutes.
  2. On referees comand game starts, and clock ticks down.
  3. Players run to middle to attempt to recieve a ball.
  4. Players not allowed to enter opositon half..
  5. if player is hit below the waist, they must go stand in a hoop behind oposition (Prison).
  6. Players can use upper body to block, and assist with defending etc.
  7. To come out of prison, player has to catch a ball thrown from teammate whist still standing in the hoop.
  8. if the tennis ball (bomb) is knocked off the cone by the oposition, round ends.
  9. round ends if all of one team is put in prison.

Points are accumulated at the end of the second half. Team with most, Wins!

Point system

  • Goal scored - 5 points
  • Prisoners - 2 points per prisoner
  • set of the opposing teams bomb - 10 points

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