Hammer Throw

category: Throwing-Skills

Grip is same as Forehand, see Forehand Grip video

Grip: lightly pinch the rim of the disc between thumb, and two forefingers. The other...

Web Videos

Vert's ultimate move

New Dimensional Game Neptunia VII https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-us/tid=CUSA01054_00.


Community Drills

Vert Stack 2

If C4 receives the disc under, C3 should strike deep, and then under if signalled to do so by C4 (by telling them to come back under, like in the 45 d...

Vert Stack 3

If C1 receives the disc (insead of C4), C3 should strike deep and then come under on the BREAKSIDE.C4 should CLEAR back into the stack in C1's previou...

Vert Stack 5

Once H1 throws it to H2 or H3. the play restarts: the last person in the stack strikes deep and comes under, etc...

Vert Stack 4

If neither C4 or C1 are viable options for H1 to throw the disc after their under cuts, they should NOT clog the space, but rather CLEAR back into the...