Long Barrier

category: Skills

Description. In pairs rolling the ball across the ground to each other. Players should use the barrier to gather the ball. Coaching points. When usin...

Long Barrier

category: Skills

Rounders Long Barrier Skills Feeder roles the ball at pace to the fielder. Feilder Walks in – attack the ball and send back to feeder. ( gets bette...

Long Barrier Pair Defending

category: Ground-Fielding

Rounders Long Barrier pair defending Ground Fielding Two players per team, stood about 4-5 metres apart between two cones (the goal). Both teams must...

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Rounders cricket

Long barrierSideways onFoot to kneeUse hands to control ball.Short barrierStop ball with side of foot.Use hand to control the ball.

Long Barrier

The batter will get bowled a ball with will then have to try and aim for a cone where a fielder will be standing, this fielder will have to throw the ...