Soccer Drill Demonstration


Set up a square roughly 10m x 10m.

Have a few players at each corner.

A Player (1) from one corner runs anti-clockwise towards Player 2. Player 2 passes into the feet of Player 1 and starts running clockwise to the next corner.

Player 1 then passes the ball on the diagonal for Player 2 to run onto. Once received, the ball in then passed onto the next player to repeat the pattern.

Play moves anti-clockwise, allowing each player to have a few turns.

Then play clockwise.

Coaching points

  • Little 1,2 around the cone
  • Person on the corner shouldn't run too early because they'll run past ball.
  • Stand side on instead of directly facing the incoming pass. This is because in a game situation they may receive the ball and turn 180° and then they wouldn't be able to see in front.

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