Soccer Drill Demonstration


Objective: Develop different methods to transfer the ball to specific areas of the pitch.


  • Mark out a 40 x 40/50 x 50 (age and ability dependant).
  • Squad practice - 16 players
  • 2 players from each team opposite each other one playing one way and the others playing the other way.
  • Remaining players 6 v 6 inside area.
  • 2 balls per team.
  • Transfer the ball around the area from one end to the other through the outside players.
  • Decision/A & D of support/Acc & Qual of pass.
  • Quality of movement on/off the ball.
  • Supporting long pass of neutral players.
  • Quick combination play.
  • Defending as a group/compactness.
  • Collective pressure/communication/positioning.

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Drill tags: communication, football, movement, pass, passing, soccer, support

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