Soccer Drill Demonstration


Set up different coloured gates around the grid area - the more colours the better.

Players are working in pairs, one player dribbling and the other moving to be ready to receive the pass.

The coach will call out a colour for the players to respond to (in the animation the colour is 'red').

Depending on what colour the coach has called out the players must move to find an unoccupied gate to pass the ball through.

Once the players have passed the ball through the cones they swap roles (dribbler and runner).

Coaching points

The non-dribbling player should always do the greater share of the running to be ready to receive the pass as they should always be able to move faster than the player with the ball at their feet.

The dribbler should only knock the ball a short distance in front of them as they dribble - keeping the ball under control and close to their feet at all times.

Avoid collisions with other pairs - eyes up!

Drill tags: dribbling, movement, passing, reaction

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