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6 players work in an area approximately 30 meters wide, divided in two with a third boxed area at one end.

Red team play a 3 v 1 inside the first area but need to look for early deep ball to blue (3) in smaller coned area.

The Blue team has also got a player (2) in the centre zone this player can not enter the area where the reds are keeping possession.

Coaching points

The ball should not be intercepted by the blue player inside the center area so players should only pass when a clear opportunity produces itself.

When the blue player (3) is found, the practice is restarted by passing the ball back into the red's zone.

Rotation: Blue 1 moves into the box for the long ball and blue 2 moves into the area to close down the reds and blue 3 becomes the next player in the centre zone.

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