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Goalkeeper Low Dives Close to the Body Session Thumbnail
Goalkeeper Low Dives Close to the Body

Create goalkeepers with the confidence to save low shots, close to the body and to think of the next save with this technical session.

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  • Without the ball goalkeeper step into low dive position and get used to landing the dive safely.
  • Show technique for landing ball close to the body in low dive
  • GK starts behind the cones- Forward round the cones and back for a shot close to body


  • Lower the body position in readiness for the low shot
  • Lower the hands and make step with leading foot pointing out at around 45'
  • Push of with nearest foot and attack the dive with nearest hand first


Coaching points

  • React to the service do not dive too early
  • Get hands to the same height of ball as soon as you can and watch the ball on to the hand
  • If a hard shot nearest hand first then secure- Nearest hand behind, following hand on top and ball touching the floor
  • Get GK to step round the front of the cone and then back through to increase forward momentum




Serve to either side when goalkeeper has accomplished basic technique Vary the distance away from the body to change length of dive Increase repetitions

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Goalkeeper Low Dive

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