Soccer Drill Demonstration


  • 3 cones set out in a triangle in the 6 Yard box.
  • 2 servers out wide with the balls.
  • GK goes round the front cone of the triangle and gets into set position to receive shot from 1st Server.
  • They then need to get around the front cone and figure of 8 around the wide cone into a set position to receive shot from 2nd Server.
  • Vary the service to include strikes off the floor, volleys, half volleys and dipping shots.


Coaching points

  • GK should be moving with arms in good position, elbows bent and away from the body.
  • Quick recovery to get back up and sharp movements around the cones.
  • If they can't make the catch, the ball should be parried into safe zones.

Drill tags: long shots from angles

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