Soccer Drill Demonstration


  • Set up 2 squares beside each ther with a goalkeeper in each square.
  • 2 servers set up opposite each square with a ball each.
  • Goalkeepers to start at the back of their square and come to the front of the square to drop back again and receive a ball passed along the ground from the server opposite. 
  • One touch on the ball to take the ball out of the side of the square and then pass the ball diagonally, to the other server. 
  • Goalkeepers to then switch over to the other square. 
  • Repeat several times before switching over the goalkeepers working and servers.

Coaching points

  • This is a good goalkeepers warmup drill. 
  • Goalkeeper to take the ball out the side of the square with the first touch and a pass with the second touch.  

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