Soccer Drill Demonstration


  • Set up 3 mini goals or small gates marked out with cones facing towards a goal.
  • Have 3 players behind each mini goal.
  • The ball is played into the Goalkeeper from various areas on the pitch.
  • As the ball is passed back to the Goalkeeper 2 of the players step in front of their mini goal, leaving 1 minigoal free for the Goalkeeper to play into.
  • The player who's mini goal is played into can take a shot if the Goalkeeper successfully hits the goal.
  • If the ball travels past the mini goal and is missed then the player takes a shot with that ball which becomes live.  

Coaching points

  • By playing the live ball, the drill replicates a quick turnover of possession after poor control from defender or a stray pass. 
  • Goalkeeper needs to be ready for the shot if possession is lost.
  • Focus on accuracy of the pass and pace of the pass. 
  • Introduce the concept of "into feet" or "into space" - this drill is mostly working on "into feet".
  • Work on technique of passing with the mini goals and Goalkeepers enjoy targe practice.
  • Its is important to get the Goalkeepers to be comfortable playiing into space, especially under pressure.


  • Remove the mini goals and use coloured gates/cones. Coach then shouts the colour and the Goalkeeper plays to the player behind that gate into their run.

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