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Goalkeeper Low Dives Close to the Body Session Thumbnail
Goalkeeper Low Dives Close to the Body

Create goalkeepers with the confidence to save low shots, close to the body and to think of the next save with this technical session.

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  • Goalkeeper steps away from cone comes through the gate receives a ball into hands
  • Returns to server then gets a low shot into dive close to body
  • Get into set position initially then step forward into low dive to save before cones in advance of initial gate


  • Get the step in if required
  • If serve close too the body collapse legs and get hands to the ball in front of the body
  • Dive forward this called 'Attacking the dive'


Coaching points

  • Get balance early to be able to get into dive
  • Make room for the hands by getting legs out of way
  • Hands should be in front of the knees and weight forward


  • Add more cones prior to goalkeeper coming through the gate
  • GK gets 'set' on side for low dive and turns in

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