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Blocking with Feet

Goalkeepers must be just as good with saving balls with their feet than their hands. Develop modern goalkeepers who are agile enough to use all parts of their body to keep it out.

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  • 3 Service points 1. Straight on 2 either side
  • 3 gates
  • Sever 1 sets off and GK makes the block then makes save from other 2 servers


  • Goalkeeper must make a decision whether to block or smother on a loose touch
  • The goalkeeper must make a decision of how far down the line to go
  • Is the goalkeeper going down the line of the ball keeping as much of the goal behind them?
  • If decision is to go must accelerate fast into it then put the brakes on giving enough time to react

Coaching points

  • Vary coaching position for this drill standing on the side of the six yard box is a good position
  • Also stand behind the goal to see if the GK is in line with the ball
  • Setting too early out of a position is a common fault


  • The gates can be colour coded and coach stands behind and holds ups that colour cone
  • Introduce where the ball is passed rather than the server being static to make it more game realistic


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