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Goalkeeper 1v1's Session Thumbnail
Goalkeeper 1v1's

Develop your keepers mindset to stay on their feet for as long as possible and to stay big in 1v1?s and make the attacker make a decision.

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  • Goalkeeper starts with the ball and throws it to the attacker
  • Attacker must take a touch and try and get into the end zone to score a goal

Coaching points

  • Start position
  • Front foot or ready position?
  • Decision making of the goalkeeper to come or stay
  • Goalkeeper to delay attacker
  • Lead with hands
  • Is the goalkeeper in line with the ball and do they get into line as the ball is played?


  • Limit the number of touches of the attacker to 3
  • Introduce a time limit of 5 seconds to get into the end zone and score
  • In groups of 3 GK throws the ball to furthest attacker who plays a one two with the server to simulate a through ball

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